We are a Direct-to-Door distributing company operating in the Southern Ontario marketplace since 1981

We specialize in target market delivery from blanket to FSA to CT levels

We utilize a reliable supervised adult delivery system

Delivery Audit verification

Affordable – We are a fraction of CPC rates

Other services include a full range of design and print fulfilment

Your Customers — and Demographics

another window on the right street

Advertising in any form is presenting your products, your prices or your service to potential customers where they live.5-photo

Where do they live?

Where are your best market areas?

Door to door advertising distribution is not necessarily indiscriminate blanketing of an entire community. It is pinpointing the most likely geographic areas for good customer response.

Our service automatically provides consultation with you on current house and apartment totals for any given area. Your marketing message and how you present it is basically your experienced decision. Our business is advising on areas, total counts and getting the message to your best market on schedule.

We Are Your “Feet on the Street”

marketing and printing professionals

1-photoWe are street-wise people. In any given day we visit hundreds of streets in southern Ontario cities and towns.

Before distribution, our Operations Staff will provide any assistance you request to determine areas and volume figures.

When you decide areas and select the date for distribution, our Crew Supervisors are supplied with appropriate map(s), an 8 person adult crew and your advertising material. Progress is continually recorded by the Crew Chief as each street is covered and duly recorded on the master map by colour-coding. Periodic spot checks are made throughout the day on the back track of each crew member. The resulting maps are checked by Operations Management at the end of each day.

The final map result is a record of your distribution.

Cost Efficiency

our price structure

Every piece of advertising material covers a lot of ground. Literally, beginning with your advertising concept, to the printer, to the distributor and finally to the location you wish to market within.

The bottom line on the ledger is getting your message out in the right selected areas and according to your schedule.

For this we must charge a nominal fee. learn more

Apartment Dwelling Customer

more difficult to capture

This resident prospect is not really endangered, but it is becoming more difficult to capture.

With the growth of large and very exclusive apartment and condominium developments, access to the buildings is often restricted.

Viewing multiple dwellings overall, our experience indicates more than 90% are accessible door to door or through a controlled mailroom drop covering 50 – 60% of the dwelling units which experience indicates is about the readership that can be expected.

In addition, some of our clients may have a product not appropriate for apartments or feel the potential return does not justify full coverage of such dwellings. Our operations people can point out this possibility before distribution.

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