The importance of having an updated website

Now that you have an idea of what type of a website you need to propagate online and offline businesses, here are some strategies that will help your website convert from it's inception.

You'll have probably prepared a budget for the work that you want to be done to your website, and this may include getting some targeted pay-per-click ads possibly targeting your local region for example. Being ranked highly in the search engines for plumber in Bristol for example, could provide you with a fair amount of traffic each month.

Your site should also have a call to action for your visitors, as well as be structured, optimized and marketed correctly such that your site turns up during various searches, as I previously touched on.

The money is in the list!

This is a phrase that you'll hear regularly in internet marketing circles, but what exactly does it mean?

Well, when I mentioned having a call to action on your site, one option could be to giveaway a free newsletter or offer a discount of an initial order and in return all the visitor to your site has to do is enter their name and email address on your site.

These details will then be kept in a database for your use in the future, and so you could send them an email in the future with details of a promotion, new product launch or up and coming sale, and they may well feel compelled to take action on that.

If you had a database of 500 prospects like this, you could have a potential goldmine available to you, and this is what the money is in the list means.

How you can lose customers

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You must also remember that the an important goal of an offline or online business is to provide convenience to your customers no matter if they are doing business with you or if they just need some answers. So ensure your customers receive prompt service and replies when they contact you, for better prospects of return customers.

I have to mention something very important now. No matter how extensive your marketing campaign is, and no matter how experienced your SEO professional is, the traffic you generate to your website will be of no use at all if you don't spend the time to update your website. The information must be up to date and relevant thus adding further credibility to your business.

If you have visitors to your site and they find out that your special deals are outdated by six months, and that you don't sell more than half of the items listed on your website, you can never expect these visitors to convert into customers. Instead, you will have to spend, or rather waste time answering phone calls from annoyed customers, and sometimes even smooth ruffled feathers.

You can easily and inexpensively have someone to update your website on a regular basis, so that it's simply a case of letting them know what changes are to be made.

Ill be continuing the theme of marketing your business with the help of an online presence, so stay tuned for more strategies in the coming days.

The last thing before I go. Credit for this article goes to corporate promotional products. They're a powerful personalized pen shop in Calgary that cares operating out of Alberta. The concept for this post came to me while speaking with Cheryl there. One thing led to another and we wound up discussing this issue in more detail. Anyway, check their website out at That's all for the moment!

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