4 Mobile Advertising Trends to Watch For

Nielsen consumer reports will tell you that people are moving to mobile. Be it shopping online or sharing reviews of their experiences with products, people are becoming more comfortable with the mobile medium. In order to keep up, advertisers are also whipping out their new arsenals to deploy on mobile devices.

While mobile shopping is still in it's infancy, there is plenty of scope for advertising through them as of now. As it catches on and people get more used to it, there is likely to be more opportunities for marketers. Here is a look at some of the trends that are likely to be the most popular in 2013.

Local brands are likely to be increasingly advertising on mobile.

According to analysis by self-styled local media and advertising experts BIA/Kelsey, localized advertisement campaigns are likely to bring in half of the expected $4.2 billion in U.S. ad revenues for the mobile platform. This will lead to localized campaigns overtaking national revenues. Startup companies and local small businesses are going to be the beneficiaries of this sudden growth in the industry.

Android devices will be the biggest target

Another fact to keep in mind if you want to have a share in the mobile ad market is that Android is going to continue to be the largest mobile market movers into 2013. Each day, more than 1.3 million Android devices are being bought and activated at mass market prices. This year, Android devices are expected to cross a base of 1 billion users. It has consistently stayed ahead of the newly launched Windows Phone 8 and new OSs like the Tizen and Ubuntu Mobile. As of now, there don't seem to be any competitors in the near future to Amazon's monopoly.

Brands will be able to integrate distribution and transactions with advertising

Because most people use their mobile phones in as an integral part of their lifestyles, advertisers can take advantage of this scenario to strategize new marketing techniques. These techniques blur the lines between distribution, advertising and transaction. Mobile purchases are no longer restricted to stores. Consumers are making buying decisions online, over the mobiles, as compared to offline decisions made in the past.

This opens up avenues for segmented marketing like mobile coupons, and other micro transaction facilities that are only possible through mobile marketing. The traditional paradigm of pricing is in for drastic changes. Marketers will become more innovative. They will be reaching out to consumers in the near future through a clever mix of multi-channel advertising.

New models and forms of advertising will enter the market

While traditional marketing strategies are being applied to the mobile market, new business models and alternative forms of advertising will be the future of mobile advertising. With the use of tablets, new forms of engagement will enter the mobile market. Network operators are jumping in the mobile bandwagon, where they have missed out on the opportunity before. In the coming year there are likely to be more partnerships in this area, as more companies leverage the emerging mobile advertising market.

Videos will have greater viewership

Video has become the latest tool for advertisers, given their great appeal among consumers. On the mobile platform as well, online video viewing is on the rise. Video viewership will rise, and as it does, more and more publishers will choose to distribute content through the medium of mobile videos, and advertisers will take the opportunity to target consumers while they are on the move.

For businesses that want to offer their customers competitive mobile shopping facilities, and for those that want to be at the front of the race in a competitive market, adapting to customer lifestyles is important. According to the latest Nielsen market research and Mobile Consumer Report for 2013, consumers in most countries are likely to receive ads in their mobile devices at least once a day. A majority of smartphone users in the U.S. use a retail app or mobile shopping app at least once a month.

Even if consumers are not likely to make purchases over their mobile phones, they are likely to look up reviews and social media discussions of products. This implies a large chunk of potential customers can be marketed through their mobile devices.

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