You Have the Right to Be There!

Many people in network marketing and multi-level marketing seem to think when they first start out that they "aren't good enough" to go prospecting or be at events where there are "superstar distributors." To that I ask them, "When do you think you have the right to be there?" Is there ever a "right time?"

In network marketing, there isn't one person who starts at the top of the "totem pole," as everyone starts at the bottom, and simply builds a downline beneath them, which is the beauty of network marketing, and how at any point, you can make more money than any other person in the company. How do you think that those people got to the "top?" Do you think that they went "blitzing" (as we call in-person prospecting at It Works!)? Do you think that those "networking superstars" went to distributor events when they had no one in their downline, and mingled with the "superstars?" Sure they did, because if they didn't, no one would be in their downline as of now, and they wouldn't be that network marketing superstar that they are known to be now.

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A little story (I promise to keep it short, too); When I first started with It Works!, I had no clue what I was doing. Absolutely none! After just days in the business (you could call it hours) I contacted the top money earner, and was sitting with her one-on-one in a cafe discussing how I could do well in this business, and finding out the tricks of the trade. If I wouldn't have contacted that superstar in my company, I would have never known half of (probably more than half of) what I do now, and would have taken probably two times the amount of time to get my business off the ground. With the information she gave me, and my willingness to use that information and educate myself further, I was as equipped as I needed to be to eventually be that superstar for someone else.

When you or someone who feels they don't have the right to be "there," you need to tell yourself, "I have a right to be here," and walk in there (or prospect) like you are the network marketing superstar that you picture yourself being at the end of your career.

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