What is business?

What is business, even in MLM and network marketing, if you are not separating yourself from "the rest" and maintaining that competitive edge that will get you to "the top" and continue scaling up the ranks of success? How do you maintain your creativity and separation from the rest? What gives you that competitive edge? Before you continue reading, I want you to put your response to those questions in the comments box at the end of this page.

If you aren't quite sure that you are truly separating yourself from "the rest" and aren't keeping your creativity at peak, ask yourself, and reflect, why that is right now, and don't continue reading this until you know why. Some people aren't creative by nature (including me), but with motivation, a strong will to succeed, and dedication to achieving your goals, you wouldn't believe the amount of creativity that you will find in yourself.

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Now, you are probably wondering what you can do to separate yourself from the rest by being a unique multi-level/network marketer, or, perhaps, separate yourself even further. Remember, without maintaining that competitive edge, doing so will directly impact your success in a negative way.

Analyze Yourself and "the Rest" What is everyone else doing? Once you know what everyone else is doing, now narrow down that list to what you aren't doing, yet they are doing. From that narrowed list, then analyze each item, and see if that something that they are doing is really going to help build your business and achieve your goals. For example, if a fellow multi-level marketer is sitting on the couch so much that they can now recite every episode of Family Guy, well, that is probably not also something that you should be working to accomplish. Focusing on what is going to make you money and help you achieve your goals should be the only objective when it comes down to narrowing down that list.

Give Yourself that Competitive Edge Now that you know what you should be doing, which your competitor is also doing, you now need to get ready to put on your creativity hat. Ready? Good! Now that you know what they are doing, and which of it that you should be doing, what aren't those multi-level marketers doing that you could be doing to give you that competitive edge you need to achieve your goals. Finding out what your competitors aren't doing that you can be doing to reach your goals is going to be what puts you on the fast track to success. Of those "things" that your competitors are doing, yet you aren't doing yet, but should be, now take that list and, with each item, add a creative touch to each "thing" so that you separate yourself even further and heighten your competitive edge.

Don't Rinse and Repeat Now that you have heightened your competitive edge, follow through! Put those items into practice that you know you need to be doing, and continue to do them. Every so often, sit down, repeat this listing process, and analyze your then-current standings to make sure that you keep your competitive edge as big as possible!

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