The SEO SEM Formula to rank higher in search engines driven by social marketing

The SEO SEM Formula to rank higher in search engines is driven by social marketing, web 2.0, but when did it become crucial to the public relations effort? As soon as corporate marketing and public relations budgets came out this year, marketing and public relations executives began to find ways to stretch budgets. If you are depending on an income in marketing or public relations, you cannot afford to ignore this. We will show you how to use search engine marketing and this formula for search engine optimization to monitor your public relations effort.

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SEO Consulting was once a small portion of the search engine marketing budget, but has become a major line item in the public relations budget. Top firms are hiring social marketing and media professionals to not only monitor, but to drive public relations efforts for the small business to the fortune 500.

The fact is that there are many companies out there who still believe internet marketing should only be in the marketing budget to target the 18-34 year old consumer market. At the most, some believe SEO and SEM should only drive internet marketing efforts to target consumer buyers. Not only is the internet and Web 2.0 specifically, the medium to drive business for B2B marketing efforts, social media is the medium to build and manage a brand.

SEO Consultants and Social Marketing / Media Experts are filling Keynote Speaker Roles.Recently, at marketing summits for Cisco Systems, corporate marketers witnessed multiple presentations on the subjects of SEO, SEM, Web 2.0 and how to apply social marketing to their efforts to reach business to business technology clients.

To follow are a few free social media applications to use in both management and monitoring of internet marketing efforts for marketing and public relations efforts. The practice of managing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and social marketing efforts can be found in this SEM SEO Expert Formula. Apply it to public relations and you will receive exponential return. Leave it out of your plan and your competitor may adopt these SEM practices and benefit from them. Use social marketing and the following resources to increase return on public relations efforts, through increased lead generation, customer retention, and brand management.

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