Tablets to Play Huge Part in Future of Mobile Search

New data released by Efficient Frontier shows an impressive upward trend in mobile search in the last year the digital marketing company states that "it looks like 2012 really will be the year of mobile." The research also shows some interesting insights on the growth of tablets, highlighting their enormous potential in the future of mobile search.

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According to the research, mobile spend now makes up 6.5% of all search spend (an increase of 270% over the last year) and it is predicted that by the end of 2012, smartphones and tablets will contribute to between 16% and 22% of all paid search share.

Mobile search click-through rates are 166% that of desktop, whilst tablets are close behind with a CTR of 137%. Also, tablet conversion rates are "now comparable to desktop search" and, within the retail sector, 77% of mobile traffic is coming from tablets. Considering that tablets are much less widespread than smartphones, these numbers look extremely promising for marketers looking to utilise this new technology.

We will almost certainly see a huge increase in the amount of people conducting searches and purchasing via tablets in the next year, as the number of people owning a tablet is expected to rise dramatically after the Christmas period. So, if you currently have or are looking to implement a mobile search strategy, it is important to take into the account the multiple devices used throughout a typical purchase. Tablets are often used in conjunction with mobiles, as well as desktops, so making sure your site works well across all devices is imperative for encouraging conversions.

Also, be aware of how your customers are interacting with each technology e.g. what time of day, length of search queries etc. as these insights will help you to maximise conversions by tailoring the experience for each specific device.

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