A Stellar Observation of Google Places

"Google Places", has gone through some major changes in the last few weeks, and this has brought about some changes that local business owners NEED to know about in order to protect / maintain their local presence in the Google Search Engine.

What was once known as Google Maps listings became Google Local listings, then "Google Places" listings. Now, they have gone through a new change and are now known as "Google+ Local" pages

Now this may be as clear as mud to you at this point, BUT, all you need to remember is that these changes directly effects WHO is going to be found at the top of that first page of Google when YOUR potential client or customer gets online and searches for your type of business.

You can bury your head in the sand and pretend that the world is NOT going Social, and is NOT going Mobile and is NOT going Google / Facebook but the fact is these changes are here and they are NOT going away

As I said to a local business owner just last week, Regardless of whether you have an active social media presence or not, people ARE out there talking about your business on Twitter, Facebook, Google, FourSquare, YouTube, Trip Advisor, CitySearch, True Local and a myriad of other places. They are talking about you and your business whether you like it or not. And you have the choice to get involved, engage with your market and be part of the conversation or not.

Posted in Marketing and Advertising Post Date 01/17/2016






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