Small businesses and social media

As any small business owner knows in todays ever changing world, social media is the one thing that changes the most often. Keeping up with all these changes can be very difficult for many small business owners. Who has the time to read every new publication out there on what's coming down the pipeline. As a marketing consultant, I spend a lot of time reading about what's up and coming to keep my clients up to date and keep their social media presence current.

Recently I was reading this article published by Ragans PR Daily. It discusses the importance of using certain words on social media to engage and grab the attention of your followers and fans. Certain words that will prompt people to retweet, share and engage with you on social media platforms.

Some of these words are a bit depressing to say the least, consider Twitter for one second. They say you should ask people to please retweet your tweets. Sounding a little desperate to me.

Using Linkedin? These catch words are the ones they suggest will be noticed more often to your audience if used: created, reduced, improved and developed to mention a few.

For Facebook users they suggest using words like Tell Us, Comment, Discount, Inspires and many more. These too are supposed to gain you more shares, likes and comments.

Then there a number of words they suggests never using as these words will get you no attention at all. Such words as Contest, Sweepstakes and Coupon on Facebook. For Linkedin they suggest they you don't use these following words responsible, expert, organizational and creative.

There is a lot to think about here when trying to engage with your customers. It can be even be a little overwhelming at times. So why not give this a try yourself and test it. See which words engage your followers and fans more than others. As with anything, testing the waters is the only way to see what truly works.

Ha ha! E mail promotion really does work... the proof is the fact I am talking about InteriorTech who just sent me a fabulous introduction email. Anybody trying to find a sign company? Sorry, tangent I realize... I am going to make an effort to focus.

For those small business that just don't have the time to focus on your social media presence, that's ok too. Find someone who has the skills and knowledge and can help you.

Thanks should go to epolos who basically provided me with the seed idea for this article in an message they sent me. They certainly are a fantastic polo shirt shop in the event that anyone's curious.

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